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LUCKY STIFF, published by Literary Wanderlust, is now available for purchase!


Barbara Bellesi Zito's debut novel is a darkly funny, quirky tale that will enchant, amuse, and get you thinking about modern values. Larry will win your heart as fast as he wins the lottery—in an instant.


Larry Sortino is a lucky guy.


Never mind that he's just been laid off. Or that his wife is having an affair with his best friend. Now that he's hit the lottery for millions, he's done with all that nonsense.


Any day now he'll claim the money. Or at least tell someone about it. Maybe. He just needs a little time to think.


When Larry's old girlfriend reappears, he wonders if he might have a second chance at happiness after all. As a nosy journalist tries to get the scoop on who this reluctant lottery winner is, Larry knows he needs to figure it all out quickly. But will this lucky stiff end up a big loser?